to make an action or process easy, or easier

If sustainability is a priority, but you don’t have the time or in-house expertise to implement all of your objectives, The Green Facilitator can help. Whether your project is a half-day event or multi-year endeavor, our 20 years of experience in green buildings and high performance design will allow you to

Simplify Sustainability.

City of Chicago Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)




“Michelle was artful at taking a group of experienced professionals though the interesting process of generating new ideas in an exciting, collaborative environment.   She was masterful at keeping control of the group, while maintaining total objectivity, encouraging creativity, consensus and collaboration.  Michelle made the experience fun and productive.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again, and highly recommend Michelle Halle Stern as a highly skilled facilitator.”

-Sharon Krohn Consulting & Real Estate Executive Search

“I recently participated with Michelle in a brainstorming session where she effectively facilitated a group of Type A leaders.  She was patient, yet strong and, by the end, had everyone in awe at what they had created.”

-Helen Kessler, HJKessler Associates

“Michelle has a pleasing confidence and upbeat wit that made it easy for me to want to follow her lead through the workshop. Stylish as she is non-judgmental in her presentation and repartee, I never felt anything but the most was being made of the workshop material, as well as the participants, individually and as a collaborative grouping.” 

-John Steven Bianucci, Iroquois Valley Farms


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